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What's in a name? 

he'e nalu [heh-eh-nah-lu]


origin: Hawaiian

he'e: run or flow, like a liquid, to slip or glide along

nalu: wave, implying the surging and rolling motion of the ocean

he'e nalu: wave-sliding - or surfing; can also be used to mean to ride a surfboard, or surfer


The financial markets are liquid and constantly changing.

At He'e Nalu Investing, Inc., we strive to provide a safe, successful flow across the ever-changing waves of the global financial markets.


Invest with the best, you will be ahead of the rest!


H e ' e    N a l u   I n v e s t i n g , I n c .

26565 Agoura Rd, Ste 200

Calabasas, CA  91302

Phone: (213) 220-0141   Fax: (866) 419-0619


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